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The design and development process include both the initial concept development and/or the products.
Internal resources on graphical design, Industrial design, textile design and development with great backgrounds. 


Long time relations to producers that specialize in different products on different qualities/price levels.
Europe, China, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Turkey, Taiwan, Bangladesh. “The right product at the right price.”

There is an high attention from authorities to chemical and other harmful substances. With the even stricter regulations we need to be in front of this.

Both internal and 3rd party testing are done


Inspections are an important tool to ensure that production are done at the agreed quality.
We inspect all factories and also use our inspection partner for several inspections.
Factory audit Financial, Capasity, QA systems etc
Social Accountability audits SA8000, BSCI, Sedex
DPI (during production inspections)
PSI (pre-shipment inspections)
Inspections done according to the agreed or recommended AQL level
Detailed test reports are presented


1. Internal Control System (ICS)
ICS is about the internal documentation and control, audits, procedures and the risk assessment of consumer products and hazardous products.

2.Environmental Requirements. Legislations (ER Legislations)
Long list of legislations, regulations and directives which must be followed by every supplier is presented on ER Legislations.

3.Environmental Requirements. Chemical list (ER Chemicals)
Much longer list of limited or restricted chemical substances is on ER Chemicals.

4. Labelling Requirements (LR)
LR provides labelling requirements for 22 different product categories (Electronics, batteries, chemicals, cosmetics, toys, food contact materials, footwear, textile, biocidal and treated articles etc.)

5. Environmental and Labelling Requirements Questionnaire
Every supplier must fill questionnaire and sign that they meet requirements.

6. Animal Welfare (AW)
AW is developed to ensure, control, trace that animal-derived materials in products are slaughtered in a human way.

7. Requirements for Fitness and Training Equipment (RFTE)
RFTE is a guide for suppliers of fitness and training equipment, contains EU harmonized standards list which supplier can use to demonstrate that products comply with EU rules.

8. Requirements for Bikes (BIKES)
BIKES is a guide for suppliers of bikes and their spare parts, contains EU harmonized standards list which supplier can use to demonstrate that products comply with EU rules.

9. Strengthened Bisphenol A (BPA) restriction

10. Phthalates Restriction in Electrical and Electronic Equipment

11. UFI code on Chemical Product Label

12. In-house Documentation System and Good Manufacturing Practice for Food Contact Materials
It is developed to ensure the best possible protection of human health by management of substances and their migration into food products.

13. Factory visit Checklist


Air, train, truck and sea shipments from Asia and Europe
All from EXW/FOB deliveries to DDP can be arranged.
On-Time In-Full Error-Free


Predictable agreement where both parties are committed
A combined volume that make this possible
FOB deliveries in USD and EUR can be done